1. What software do you use to run this website with all of the cool countdown features and “Deal” layout?

We built this website using WordPress with a couple of Premium WP Plugins.

The first plugin is Deals Engine from WPSocial.  We use the Deals Engine to create the layout.  It has all of the countdown timers, social sharing, sidebar widgets and a LOT of other behind the scenes things that we use to make the site run better and make the business side easier.



1. How do we ship shirts?

A. We don’t ship the shirts.  It is up to the individual shirt provider to ship the shirts to you.

2. Can we get a discount if we order in bulk?

A. It depends on the shirt provider, but most offer some kind of discount even if just a shipping discount.

3. Why don’t you have the neat program that lets me upload a copy of my artwork to see it on a shirt?

A. Because that is not what this site is for.  If you want to design your own shirt online to sell we recommend TeeSpringTeeSpring has an online designer and sales system built it.  Many of the shirts featured on Cool Shirt Of The Day are actually printed and shipped by TeeSpringCLICK HERE to visit TeeSpring.